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Your Needs. Our Mission.

Rx Compound Store is an innovative Miami-based compounding pharmacy that was founded by physicians practicing Wellness Medicine. We are currently serving patients in Delaware, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, Arizona, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Utah, Georgia, Nevada, Massachusetts, Missouri, Iowa, Maryland, Ohio, Colorado, North Carolina, Maine, Indiana and Illinois. 

About Our Pharmacy

Rx Compound Store is a compounding pharmacy that mixes pharmaceutical products to meet the unique needs of its consumers. The purpose of compounding is to deliver a drug in an exact dose (for a particular ingredient) or to change a pill to a gel or liquid.

Flavors and other additives may be introduced to alter the taste and texture or a compound for ease during consumption. Injectable pharmaceuticals may also be compounded when a standard formulation is not adequate.

Rx Compound Store aims to educate our patients and providers on the efficiency of various prescription compounds, the custom preparation process and methods of consumption. We look forward to partnering with you to meet your prescription supplement needs.

Meet Our Team

Shibu N. John

Pharmacist In Charge

Mario G. Tabraue

Pharmacy Technician

Kevin Vargas

Pharmacy Technician

Adam Walters


Andrea Valencia

Pharmacy Technician

Nickolas Tabraue

Pharmacy Technician

Paula Rivera

Pharmacy Technician

Victoria Losada

Pharmacy Technician

Giorgio R Saumat

Pharmacy Technician

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